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Art Rohlik developed a love for woodworking as a sophomore in woods class at Wabasso Public School. He built a secretary desk with a secret compartment under the writing surface. He was told by many it was really done well for a 16 year old. After graduation he attended USD in Springfield with a wrestling scholarship. He graduated with a cabinet making degree and also took business classes. He really honed his skills there.
Based out of Wanda, MN Art says “It was always my intention to move back to this area. We have something here you don’t find in a big city. A small town, raising kids is something I wanted.”
Following advice from his teachers, Art worked construction to understand how houses are put together. This education helped him understand what is possible in reconstruction to facilitate better use of the available space in remodel projects. He sold his share of the company and hung up a sign for his own cabinet business.
Since 1988 Wood Product Specialties, Inc. has had the catchy slogan “Own a work of Art”. It’s very fitting for this family’s line of work. Customized wood products done by Art Rohlik and his two sons, Alex and Ben, who now work with him. His wife Dawn has been integral throughout and held many jobs over the years from finisher, to inspection, bookkeeping and sales. She is their biggest cheerleader too. She also makes great coffee and cookies for the family’s business meeting every morning.
Alex Rohlik is just like his father. In 2005 he went to school for cabinetry. His first year he won the Minnesota Skills USA competition. He went on to nationals and placed 13th. It was a great learning experience.
Alex graduated in the fall of 2006. He did construction/boring for 3 years. Then knew that wasn’t where he was called to be. So Alex went home to help his parents. “Dad always told us – go, get out of here for a while, but remember where your roots are.” He told me “There is a sense of being home, home is where the heart is, when you are in a small town. Small town living, you can’t beat it. Sometimes it is tough, you do something wrong, everyone knows! But at the end of the day, if something happens or goes wrong, everyone is there for you, always willing to lend a helping hand.”
Ben Rohlik also went to school for woodworking technology after deciding computer programming wasn’t for him. He also heads up the spinoff business Midwest Game Crave.
In a family run business, there are always positives and negatives. Art says “They are very comfortable talking to me to ask if something could be changed. We communicate with each other really well. We hear each other’s ideas. We are able to leave work in the shop.”
Alex says “He’s very easy to work with. He takes all your ideas and thoughts into consideration. Whether he uses them or not. It gives me a chance to grow and learn and have a voice.”
Every morning they have a business meeting in the house with coffee. It’s important to them that they are all on the same page. The hard part of family business? “Allowing them to make mistakes. Sometimes they insist on a way I don’t think is best. Some lessons, there’s only one way to learn them.”
They do take their cabinetmaking seriously and stand by their products. Here is how Art and Alex described the process. “Clients usually have a vision for their space. We work with clients ideas. Our first step is an interview. We both go and prefer both husband and wife to attend. We want to know their visions. How they use the area, who uses it, what’s important to each of them. Then we draw up and tie together what we think they want. We think of things they don’t. Like soft close doors, and a built in step ladder for an 11 foot cabinet! We offer many small details that make a big difference to clients. It’s not what we want, it’s what they want. We love making people happy.”
Over the last 30 years, this team has done some unique projects. They custom made 4 chairs with intricate carvings to match a dining set a client treasured, a secret room hidden behind a bookcase of cherry wood and a built in hutch from a communion rail. They have even done heritage furniture pieces and urns and traveled from Colorado to Minot, ND to Chicago doing custom cabinetry.
What does the future look like for this family?
They will continue hand-crafted cabinetry and solid surface countertops. They also do glazing and painted wood products. Residential and commercial projects including banks, office buildings, and movie theaters.
We love making peoples dreams come true. We feel awesome when we have done a great job and the customer comes in and the finished project takes their breath away. A lot of people, when doing a custom kitchen remodel, they have been saving a really long time for it, - when they are overjoyed it makes us so happy.
Midwest Game Crave is a spinoff of Wood Product Specialties, Inc., that Alex and Ben started. They make legacy board games and yard games that will last for generations. New games may come and go, but these are classics your family will play at every get together, yard dice, croquet sets and more. Each game is unique in the wood used. Uff-da is a family game that has been played for decades. This game is really fun! It has been called many different names, 4 score, carbles, cards & marbles and now Uff-da.
The modern definition of “custom” cabinetry is using standard size boxes and adding fillers or leaving space to make things fit. Wood Product Specialties, Inc. is not bound by the limitations of standard size as each piece is individually made to fit the available space. The Rohlik family does handcrafted built to your space and vision. In a hundred years from now their work will still be in use.
“You can get exactly what you want. We can do things you wouldn’t consider. We think outside the box. We build what you want, not what’s available. We utilize every inch of space, designed around your needs. No fillers here!”
Ben sums it up as “We simplify an infinite number of possibilities down to simple choices that brings a vague dream into focus.
Alex shared “Clients ask us, “What can you do?” To be really honest, the only thing we are limited to is your imagination and ours.”
We haven’t come across anything we couldn’t handle.

By Jenny Greenhoff

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