Arthur Rohlik



When it comes right down to it:  

'Good Enough' never is...

A Legend in my own mind!

  1. 24+
    Lineal Feet of Project Files
  2. 1000's
    of hours on the job
  3. 100's
    of ecstatic Customers
  4. 4
I Developed a love for woodworking in sophomore woodworking class at Wabasso Public School.  I built a secretary desk with a secret compartment under the writing surface and have been trying to keep the desk secret ever since.  It was pretty good for a 16 year old they tell me. We all need to start somewhere I guess.

Six dogs, a bushel basket full of cats, 4 children and several grandchildren later I am finally getting this business figured out.

I've been building cabinets with two of my sons, Ben and Alex, on the north shore of beautiful Willow Lake near Wanda in Redwood county, Minnesota. For nearly a decade, and if you run into us without trying to, you are definitely lost.

My boys say I told them they would get sawdust in their veins if they gave cabinetmaking a try.  They didn’t know it was going to be by breathing dusty air and getting wood slivers in their fingers every day but I am pretty sure it is there to stay.  The lads do have talent and are learning from Dad’s mistakes most of the time.  I also enjoy learning from their mistakes. 

We do take our cabinetmaking seriously and we stand by our products.  We are also not averse to enjoying the trip.   A wise man once said that when you find your true vocation in life you will never have to work another day.   I believe our finished projects telegraph the Joy and pride that goes into a genuine work of Art.

Stop in and see us if you do get in the neighborhood, or come for Cracker days the end of August. 

Home of the Mudhens, Willow Lake Sea Monster, and people with good imaginations.