Benjamin Rohlik


I'm the guy you go to when you need a 'Crazy like a fox' idea to make things work

"Ok... if you say so...

Hey wait a minute....

.... OH MAN! You did it exactly like I told you to!!!

Hi everyone,

I've had a love of building things most of my life, it started years ago, Back when I was knee-high to a grasshopper... well ok, not quite that long ago although it feels like it some days.

I've been working for Wood Products off and on since High School. When I started, my first day on the job Art warned me about wood working. He said: "Be careful Ben, you get started in this industry as a hobby, but before you know it... It's in your blood" It always had a bit of a double meaning for me as a love of woodworking runs in the family, but also due to the sheer amount of sawdust I've breathed in and splinters I've pulled out over the years.

All joking aside, I do love the industry. There's something magical about being able to take a raw chunck of lumber or a blank white webpage and turn it into a thing of beauty. 

I'd like to believe that when it comes right down to it, it's my tendency to look at things from a slightly different angle that has kept me in the industry. The ability to take an Idea and say "You know... if we did this..." and then make a crazy thought work that has kept me where I am.

The look of suprise and awe on people's faces when they see a dream made into reality helps too ;-)